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Who is Reiki Sans Frontière ?

Reiki Sans Frontière was born out of Fabienne Bonaly, Reiki Master, passion for her art and her desire to share the beneficial effects of Reiki with as great a number of people as possible.

« It is now urgent that we act, liberating our inner wisdom and knowledge, exploring the revelations of inherited wisdom so that we can create a planetary consciousness which respects life better. »

Reiki Sans Frontière is a production company, which makes and distributes information material for organizations and the general public in order to publicize and promote knowledge of Reiki, in all its diversity.

Reiki Sans Frontière makes films, books, brochures etc. to further the development of awareness and consciousness. The « Introductory » material opens our perceptions so that we can better understand and appreciate the universe which surrounds us. It is our aim to further the cause of Reiki by providing simple teaching tools, both practical and interactive, for people to learn and enhance their own Reiki methods.

The body and mind’s functioning, the use of sound, water, art, energy, the universe, the principle of universal laws, life, death, positive thinking, meditation, techniques using both ‘modern and ancestral energies’… are all linked to the holistic practice of Reiki which opens up so many new horizons…

Share your enthusiasm for the «Introductory » discoveries you will make…
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